Chapter 40 Ideas for content

40.1 Common workflow questions

40.1.1 Common predicaments and how to recover/avoid

40.1.2 Keep something out of Git

List it in .gitignore.

40.1.3 I didn’t mean to commit that

Committing things you didn’t mean to (too big, secret). How to undo.

40.2 git stuff

Git explainers, heavy on the diagrams

A Visual Git Reference

A successful Git branching model

A successful Git branching model considered harmful

Git Tutorials from Atlassian

Software Carpentry Git Novice Lesson

Michael Freeman slides on Git collaboration

GitHub Training materials

Git for Ages 4 and Up

Learn Git Branching

A Git Workflow Walkthrough Series

  • Part 1: Feature Branches
  • Part 2: Reviewing Pull Requests
  • Part 3: Reviewing Pull Requests Locally
  • Part 4: Merging Pull Requests

Git from the inside out

40.3 Disaster recovery

Break it down:

  • Is something wrong with my filesystem/files?
  • Is my git repo messed up?
  • How can I keep this from happening again?

Rebase avoidance techniques.

Headless state. Rebase hell.

What to do when you can’t, e.g., switch branches. Stashing and WIP commits.

40.4 Engage with R source on GitHub



Being a useful useR

  • stay informed re: development
  • use issues for bug reports, feature requests
  • make pull requests

40.5 Workflow and psychology

Stress of working in the open

Workflows for group of 1, 2, 5, 10