36 Create a bingo card

Here’s a specific suggestion for practicing “fork and pull”.

The general workflow is laid out in chapter 31.

Jenny and Dean have a repository that makes bingo cards with R:

Your mission:

  • Maybe find a partner? Or a couple of partners?
  • Fork the bingo repo.
  • Clone it to someone’s local machine.
  • Create a new bingo card by making a file of possible squares.
  • If you’re feeling virtuous, run the tests and check the package. Ask us for help! Or live dangerously and skip this.
  • Commit!
  • Push your changes back to your copy of the repo on GitHub.
  • Make a pull request back to the main bingo repo.
  • If your card is appropriate, we’ll merge your request and it will become part of the package and available via the Shiny app.

Special inspiration for useR: