Chapter 2 Contributors

Jenny Bryan (twitter, GitHub) is a Software Engineer at RStudio, working on the team lead by Hadley Wickham. This team brings you the popular set of packages known as the Tidyverse, as well as a set of low-level infrastructure packages. She is on leave from being an Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of British Columbia. Jenny has an undergraduate degree in Economics and German Literature from Yale University and earned her PhD in Biostatistics at UC Berkeley.

Jenny has been using and teaching R (or S!) for 20 years, most recently in STAT 545 and Software Carpentry. Other aspects of her R life include ordinary membership in the R Foundation, work with rOpenSci, development/maintenance of R packages (such as readxl), and leading the curriculum development for UBC’s Master of Data Science.

The development and delivery of this material has benefited greatly from contributions by: