A work in progress

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What is already here:

  • Instructions for Git/GitHub/R/RStudio set-up and early usage.
  • Prompts for workshop activites.

What is coming:

  • More on Git itself, though will mostly rely on rest of the internet for that. I want to add / borrow / link to visual explanations.
  • Workflows and policies for individuals and groups.
    • How often should I commit? Which files should I commit?
    • Data files and the dilemmas they present.
    • Most common Git predicaments. How to avoid and recover.
    • Clone vs fork.
    • Purpose of branches, issues, pull requests, tags.
    • Add-as-collaborator vs “fork and pull”.
  • Use of the GitHub API for bulk operations.
  • Using GitHub to run a course.
    • Get an Organization.
    • Use of Teams, repos, issues, pushing content into repos.

Repo that makes this site: https://github.com/jennybc/happy-git-with-r

Slides I draw on in live workshops: https://speakerdeck.com/jennybc/happy-git-and-github-for-the-user

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