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Repo that makes this site: https://github.com/jennybc/happy-git-with-r

Present and quite stable, goal is to stay very current:

  • Instructions for Git/GitHub/R/RStudio installation and set-up
  • Early and fundamental workflows using Git and GitHub with R and RStudio.
    • Including special tips for the effective use of R Markdown and the rmarkdown package with GitHub.

Present and still growing, within some limits:

  • More on Git itself. However we have no ambitions to be a full substitute for other comprehensive Git references.
  • Intermediate and advanced workflows, with a special emphasis on concerns relevant to useRs, data analysts, etc.

Present but stale / stalled.

  • Using GitHub to run a course.

Creative Commons License
Happy Git and GitHub for the useR by Jennifer Bryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.